Guide to Rhode Island Communities

Housing Choice Voucher Program


How and where we live are two of the most important factors behind many of life’s outcomes. Research shows that access to a healthy, affordable home significantly impacts economic stability, employment, overall health, and educational achievement. Wherever we are in life, a place to call home is paramount to our well-being and often the source of lifelong memories. From childhood celebrations to the thrill of our first apartment or home to empty-nesting and beyond, home is a part of who we are.


As a RIHousing Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holder, you have the ability to choose a rental home in one of 19 Rhode Island communities. We have created this guide to provide you with an overview of living in any of those communities. With a Housing Choice Voucher, you are required to pay 30-40% of your income towards rent. RIHousing will pay the balance of the rental payment directly to your landlord.

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Guide to RI Communities