RIHousing Mortgage Customers

Our online Digital Servicing platform offers tools and resources to help customers manage their mortgages. Available 24/7, mortgage customers can:

  • Make and schedule mortgage payments
  • Review balances, loan activity & payment history
  • View real estate tax, insurance & year-end information
  • Loan amortization schedule
  • Obtain a copy of your statement

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Struggling to make your mortgage payments? We are here to help.

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, reach out to our Mortgage Counseling department to discuss available options. 1-800-854-1180 opt. 3

Payment Options

Did you know?

Opting in for biweekly payment options could help you pay down your mortgage faster and incur less interest.
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Automatic Direct Payments
Worried about missing a mortgage payment? Our Automatic Payment option ensures your mortgage is paid on time every month. Complete the application form to enroll >

No fee charged for automatic recurring monthly payments scheduled on the 1st or 5th of each calendar month. For one-time payments, select payment date(s).

Online Payments
Pay your mortgage via our Digital Servicing portal.

No fee charged for payments made between 1st and 10th day from due date, during normal business hours: Monday through Friday until 5:00 PM EST. $5 fee charged for payments on or after the 11th day.

Pay By Phone

No fee charged for payments made between 1st and 10th day from due date, during normal business hours: Monday through Friday until 5:00 PM EST. $5 fee charged for payments on or after the 11th day.

Customer Service Supported Pay by Phone
$10 fee charged for payments made between 1st and 10th day from due date, $15 fee charged for payments on or after 11th day.
***Credit card and/or debit card payments are not accepted

Pay By Mail
Personal checks, cashier’s checks, and/or money orders only. Send payments to:
RIHousing, P.O. BOX 113, Providence, RI 02901-0113
Remember to include your payment coupon.

Pay in Person
Deliver your payment to our drop box located at:
RIHousing, 44 Washington Street Providence, RI 02903
Remember to include your payment coupon.

Note: The fee structure does not contain all fees that may be charged for services rendered. Fee structure subject to change.

Have questions or need assistance?

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Rhode Island Energy
Tips on ways to save on energy costs, information on available rebates.

RISE Engineering
No cost home energy assessments, incentives, and financing to make your home energy efficient while saving money.

New Homeowner Resources

Tips for New Homeowners
You’ve unpacked the boxes and settled into your new home……now what?
Buying a home is a major achievement, but successful homeownership does not begin and end when the closing documents are signed.

Here are some important items to consider:

  • Contact your insurance carrier after closing and confirm the closing date.
  • Make sure that your insurance carrier has RIHousing listed as the mortgage company and your account is listed as “mortgagee billed.” This will ensure that RIHousing receives future communication from your insurance carrier, including renewal bills and other important information.
  • Forward all insurance and/or property tax bills you may receive during the first year of ownership to RIHousing. If you are concerned about any increases or other charges, please contact your taxing authority directly to discuss those charges.
  • Pay your mortgage on time. Late payments can adversely affect your credit score. We offer an Automatic Payment option to ensure that your payments are always made on time!
  • Contact your local taxing authority to learn if you qualify for a homestead exemption.
  • If you are in a property that has multiple street numbers or apartments, please ensure that your mailing address is correct. You can email this information to servicinginfo@rihousing.com.
  • If at any time you are having trouble paying your mortgage, reach out to our Mortgage Counseling department so we can discuss available options.
  • Budget for emergencies.
  • Stay informed on ways to budget and save in home maintenance costs to preserve the value of your home.
Paperless options now available. Some of our mortgage communications can be emailed. Click to sign up today.


Consider going paperless to reduce your environmental impact, reduce clutter at home, and get increased security and peace of mind. To stop your paper statements, please “opt in” to paperless statements through our online system or email us at servicinginfo@rihousing.com.

News + Updates

1098 FORM
A 1098 Form shows the amount of mortgage interest paid and any homeowners insurance and real estate taxes paid through your escrow account. You’ll receive a 1098 Form from RIHousing for each year that we service your loan. Please remember to save this statement as you may need it for tax purposes.1098 forms are mailed annually prior to January 31st.
Please let us know if you are a servicemember on “active duty” or “active service,” or the spouse, partner, or dependent of such a service member. You may be entitled to certain legal protections or relief pursuant to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.


Free Online Financial Education
Our online financial education center is free for RIHousing mortgage customers and offers important information to help families stay on track with their budget, tips on how to save for your future goals and needs and managing your credit cards and debt. The online financial education provides short, easy to digest information and is self-paced. Check it out today >

Community Lending Programs


The Program provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners to remediate their property for lead.


Rhode Island homeowners may have cesspools, substandard septic systems or are required to tie-in to existing sewer lines.


Loans up to $50,000 available for home modification for caregivers of people with developmental disabilities .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automatic payment?
An automatic payment is a helpful tool for bills that remain constant each month like a mortgage payment, car loan or student loan. Also known as an “automatic draft,” it is a preauthorized debit from your designated bank account to pay a loan payment. RIHousing offers two kinds of auto drafts:

  • monthly scheduled auto draft
  • flexible one-time auto draft

The monthly Automatic Clearing Housing (ACH) draft is offered free of charge and the payment is drafted from your designated account on either the 1st or 5th of each calendar month. The one-time ACH draft allows customers to select the day they wish to make their payment. This option can be accessed through this website for a nominal fee.

If you are interested in either option, contact our Customer Service Department at 844-694-5193 for more details.

If I choose a biweekly payment option am I allowed to switch back to a monthly payment option if needed?
Yes, you may request to cancel biweekly payments via email to servicinginfo@rihousing.com. Please include your loan number, full name, and a brief note requesting to stop the biweekly draft. The biweekly cannot be cancelled in the middle of a monthly payment cycle and will stop effective with the next biweekly payment cycle. You will receive a letter to confirm that the draft has been cancelled.
Escrow Account
How does my escrow account work?
We apply a portion of your monthly mortgage payment to your property taxes and homeowners’ insurance and, if applicable, mortgage insurance. This portion is placed into an escrow account until the tax and insurance payments are due.
How is my monthly escrow amount determined?
To determine your escrow payments, we estimate the amount we will have to pay over the next 12 months for your real estate tax and homeowners insurance bills. We base this estimate on information from your loan closing documents, your taxing authority and insurance company, or your previous tax and insurance bills. We then divide the estimated amount by 12 (months) and add the result to your monthly payment.
Will my monthly escrow amount change over time?
It may if your taxes and insurance premiums change. On an annual basis we conduct an escrow analysis where we compare the initial escrow amount estimated by the lender to the actual amount paid in taxes to your city or town and premiums to your insurance company. If there is a difference, we will adjust your monthly escrow payment.

If your monthly mortgage payment amount changes due to an escrow adjustment, the new monthly mortgage payment amount will go into effect with the payment two months after the analysis has been completed. Once a year, we will mail you a statement summarizing this analysis.

What happens if there are more escrow funds than needed?
If you have paid more into your escrow account than we had to pay out of it, you will have an escrow surplus. If your surplus amount is more than two months’ worth of escrow payments, we will send you a refund check for the surplus. Additionally, your monthly escrow payment amount will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount paid.
What happens if there is a shortage of escrow funds?
If you have paid less into your escrow account than we had to pay out of it, you will have an escrow shortage. We will adjust your monthly escrow payment amount to reflect the actual amount paid. If your account is short, we will let you spread the additional payments over the next 12 months.

We conduct an escrow analysis annually to make sure we’re collecting the right amount to cover your projected taxes and insurance premiums. If these payments increase or decrease, we’ll recalculate your escrow payment. This is separate from the calculation to determine whether you have a shortage or surplus, so your payment amount could increase even if you pay your shortage in full.

Can I delete my escrow account and pay my own taxes and insurance?
RIHousing does not allow the deletion of customer escrow accounts.
How can I keep up to date on my escrow account?
Any changes to your escrow payment amount will appear on the annual escrow account disclosure statement you receive each time we review your account. You can also find out more by logging into your mortgage account via our RIHousing Digital Servicing portal.
Homeowners Insurance
Do I need insurance coverage?
It is a requirement of your mortgage to maintain insurance coverage that is adequate to protect your property from specified losses such as fire, windstorm, and water damage.  RIHousing requires insurance policy deductibles not to exceed 1% of the total principal balance owed or $2,500, whichever is less for each individual policy.
What do I do with a bill I received for renewal of my homeowners insurance?
The annual premium is included in the escrow portion of your monthly payment. If you receive a bill at renewal, please send a copy to us via email to servicinginfo@rihousing.com. Once the bill is received, we will pay the insurance from your escrow account.
What is your mortgagee clause?
Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corp
Its Successor And/or Assigns, ATIMA
44 Washington Street
Providence, RI 02903
What if my mortgage was just sold to RIHousing?
It is important you make your insurance company aware that RIHousing now services your mortgage loan and request they update the mortgagee clause and fax evidence of the updated mortgagee clause to 844-694-5191. The insurance company may also email the evidence to servicinginfo@rihousing.com.
How and when can I change my homeowners insurance? How do I let you know I am changing my homeowners insurance?
You can change your insurance company at any time. The new company will need to verify proof of insurance to us and send us a bill. They may fax it to us at 844-694-5191 or mail it to:

P O Box 2076
Carmel, IN 46082-2076

 To ensure that you are refunded any money that is owed to you, you must cancel your insurance with the old company and have them send a refund of your pro-rated premium amount to us, at the address above, to be applied to your escrow account.

Please note: If it is close to your renewal date when you choose to change insurance companies, please contact us so that we do not mail a payment to your old insurance company.

Real Estate Taxes
Why are my taxes included in my monthly payment?
It is a requirement of your mortgage that each homeowner deposits an amount adequate to cover the quarterly or annual payment in an escrow account. Once the taxes are due the payments are disbursed by RI Housing to the appropriate municipality.
What do I do with a bill I received for my real estate taxes?
We automatically receive an electronic copy of your real estate tax bill directly from your city or town. If you receive your property tax bill directly from your city or town, please save it for your records. If you have any questions regarding the amount of your real estate tax bill, contact your city or town’s tax assessor’s office.

We include your property tax in the escrow portion of your monthly mortgage payment. To calculate this portion of your monthly payment, we divide the total amount paid in taxes for the previous tax year by 12 and add this to your monthly payment.

Digital Servicing
What if I don’t have Digital Servicing login credentials?
You will need to enroll in Digital Banking to access your mortgage online. You can do so by clicking the “Account Access” button and following the prompts to set up your credentials for the site.

Existing customers who utilized the Customer CareNet site will need to:

  • Re-register with a log-in ID and password of your choice.
  • Your first log in will also require you to submit your full Social Security Number.
  • Two-factor authentication is required, via a passcode that will be emailed to you when you register.
What if I forget my Digital Servicing username or password?
Click on the “Forgot my password” link and follow the instructions to reset your username or password.
Will I need to re-enroll in autopay?
No, all current auto-pay enrollments will transfer over to the digital mortgage platform. If you wish to make any edits to your current enrollment, you’ll also can do that within the platform.
If I have any questions about the online platform, who can I connect with?
Please email servicinginfo@rihousing.com if you have any questions about the digital platform.


What specific paperwork do I need if I’m selling or refinancing my home?
The first step in selling or refinancing your home is to request a payoff statement, which will detail the total amount due on the mortgage. If you received a down payment assistance loan, you would need to request a payoff statement for that loan as well.  Please note: In most cases the mortgage lender or attorney that you are working with will request these documents and will not accept these documents directly from a borrower.

When you contact us, please include the following information:

  • Authorization from you to release loan information to a third party
  • Payoff effective date
  • Your loan account number

Fax the request to 844-694-5191 or email it to servicinginfo@rihousing.com.

How do I get a payoff?
You may obtain a loan payoff by contacting our Customer Service Department via email at servicinginfo@rihousing.com. In the email, please include your name, account number, property address, and the date you would like the payoff good until. Every effort will be made to provide you a loan payoff within 48 hours of your request. Third party payoff requests must be made in writing, contain borrower’s written authorization, and should be sent via email to servicinginfo@rihousing.com. Third party requests may also be submitted by fax to 844-694-5191. There may be a nominal fee charged for a facsimile payoff. We do not provide verbal payoff quotes.
What if I sell my home?
Please ensure that you notify us of your new mailing address to ensure that you receive any refund checks you may be entitled to and your 1098 tax forms. If any escrow funds are to be rebated, you will receive the check approximately 20 days from the date of payoff. You will receive a copy of the discharge of your mortgage and your paid in full note approximately 45 days from the date of payoff.
What do I do if the borrower or co-borrower passes way?
Please contact us and provide us with a copy of the death certificate and probate document appointing an executor or executrix for the estate. These documents can be sent via email to servicinginfo@rihousing.com.
If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us at servicinginfo@rihousing.com or 401-457-1180.

Impacted by COVID-19?

We understand that these may be stressful times for our customers and we want you to know that we are here to help. RIHousing is closely monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and working hard to ensure there are no disruptions to service for our customers.