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You helped them find the home of their dreams, let us help them finance it. We recognize that real estate agents are the first-line of information and education on the homebuying process and are a trusted resource for clients. We couldn’t do our work without you.

Track Record of Success

For more than 50 years, we’ve helped over 80,000 families purchase a home so we know the market and what homebuyers need. We offer a range of programs for homebuyers, whether they are first-time or repeat buyers. 

Find a Lender

With 40+ lender partners offering RIHousing loan products, we’re sure you’ll find one you want to work with!

Get Your Homebuyer Educated.

An informed homebuyer is a successful homeowner, so be sure to encourage your clients to take one of our Homebuyer Education classes, now offered virtually.

Get Yourself Educated.

Want to know more about our loans and resources available to homebuyers AND earn 6 CE’s while you do? Check out our Realtor Continuing Education class hosted in partnership with the RI Association of Realtors.

Realtor FAQs

Q. Does my customer need to be a first-time homebuyer to be eligible for RIHousing mortgage products?
A. RIHousing offers a range of programs for both first-time and repeat buyers. Click here to learn more.

Q. How can RIHousing’s loan programs help me?
A. RIHousing’s programs can expand your client base, putting homeownership within reach for many families who otherwise might struggle to bridge the financial gap. This helps you sell more homes, play an important role in the community and expand your clients’ options.

Q. How can RIHousing’s programs help my buyers?
A. RIHousing’s programs empower potential homebuyers with the financing assistance and information they need to purchase a home of their own. Check out our diverse portfolio of products including down payment and closing cost options.

Q. Will a RIHousing mortgage slow down the loan approval and closing?
A. A first mortgage generally has a turnaround time at RIHousing of 3-4 business days for compliance review. RIHousing loans have straightforward paperwork, quick processing and dedicated customer service. Most RIHousing loans close within 30 – 45 days.

Q. Are there any costs or impact to the seller when buyer uses a RIHousing mortgage?
A. There are no costs to the seller and with down payment and closing cost assistance, seller concessions may be reduced or even eliminated. There is minimal to no impact to a seller. There are quick turnarounds and no added costs. The biggest ‘impact’ is a closed sale for you and a new home for a your buyer.

Q. Why would a buyer select RIHousing financing?
A. Many potential borrowers have good credit and a steady job but haven’t saved up enough for a traditional bank’s down payment requirement. RIHousing’s programs address the down payment and closing cost needs of those homebuyers

Q. Are RIHousing buyers less likely to close the sale?
A. RIHousing borrowers have solid credit scores and incomes. They have undergone rigorous homebuyer education, so they are committed and ready to purchase.

Q. I have a question that isn’t in the FAQ – whom should I contact?
A. Please email us at if you have additional questions or contact one of our Participating Lenders.


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