Participating Lenders

RIHousing works with a statewide network of approved Participating Lenders. These lenders know our programs and can help you choose a loan that’s right for you.

2020 Participating Lender of the Year

RIHousing is grateful for Main Street Home Loan’s commitment to strengthening Rhode Island communities by supporting first-time homebuyers and providing them with our flexible loan options.

2021 Top 10

Loan Officers

Ranked by RIHousing First Mortgage unit production (January 1,  2021 through June 30, 2021).

1. Evelyn Perez
Province Mortgage Associates, Inc.

2. Juan M. Cerda
Shamrock Home Loans 

3. Mauricio Garces
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

4. Michael James Nadeau
First Home Mortgage

5. Joseph Baptista
Anchor Financial Mortgage, Inc.

6. Eric Maluk
Semper Home Loans

7. John Andre Dolbec Jr
Fairway Independent Mortgage

8. Jonathan Joubert
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

9. Patricia Isabel Vargas
Main Street Home Loans

10. Ramon Ernesto Feliz
Main Street Home Loans

The Top 5 Participating Lenders are ranked by RIHousing first mortgage production for  January 1,  2020 through December 31, 2020. The remaining active Participating Lenders are listed alphabetically.

  Main Street Home Loans 401-310-0630
  Province Mortgage Associates, Inc.  401-490-4400 
  Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.  401-943-9200 
  Shamrock Home Loans 800-321-8129
  First Home Mortgage 
  Anchor Financial Mortgage, Inc. 401-722-9032
  Atlantic Home Loans 401-739-5363
  Bank Newport 877-709-2265
  Bristol County Savings Bank 401-722-8838
  Broker Solutions, Inc. 800-450-2010
  Cardinal Financial Company, LP 855-561-4944
  Envision Home Loan 781-963-2100
  Fairway Independent Mortgage 866-912-4800
  First Home Bank 866-826-7722
  Flagstar Bank, FSB 401-341-1074
  Freedom Mortgage 877-438-6864
  Guaranteed Rate Affinity, LLC 888-844-9888
  Guaranteed Rate, Inc 401-287-4900
  HarborOne Mortgage 401-330-1668
  Home Loan Investment Bank 401-739-8800
  Homespire Mortgage Corporation 301-956-2900
  Homestar Mortgage 888-744-3300
  Movement Mortgage 401-487-9673
  Nations Lending 401-589-1600
  Navigant Credit Union 401-233-4300
  Northpointe Bank 888-672-5626
  Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc.  800-216-8220
  Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. 401-228-8558
  Seacoast Mortgage 401-475-1600
  Semper Home Loans 866-330-4411
  Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. 401-270-1740
  Total Mortgage 401-943-4550
  The Washington Trust Company 401-348-1200

Are you a Participating Lender?

Please visit our Participating Lenders and Mortgage Brokers page for more information.


Renelder Duncan 
Lender Services Coordinator