Not finding a home that’s move-in ready?

Does the home of your dreams need some work?

Then wrap the cost of buying and rehabbing a home into one mortgage. With many older homes and fixer-uppers on the market, these loans help you take advantage of the real estate opportunities available today, with the security of knowing that you’ll have the money needed to make repairs or improvements.


  • Total purchase cost and rehabilitation costs must not exceed FHA Maximum Loan Limits.
  • You will be required to have a construction contract with a state-licensed general contractor.

Not sure what kinds of renovations our loans cover?

Here are just a few:

o Electrical
o HVAC systems
o New appliances
o Roofs
o Health and safety standards
o Sewer hookup
o Well and septic systems
o Any repairs that are structural in nature,
or in excess of $35,000, will be
considered under the Standard 203(k)
Rehabilitation program.

Additional Considerations