Struggling to make your mortgage payments?

Homeowner Assistance

Our HelpCenter is dedicated to providing support and education to help more Rhode Islanders protect themselves from losing their homes and make safe, informed decisions for their futures.

Struggling to make your mortgage payments?

Homeowner Assistance

Our HelpCenter is dedicated to providing support and education to help more Rhode Islanders protect themselves from losing their homes and make safe, informed decisions for their futures.

To get started, complete and submit the Financial Information Package.

Do not delay in contacting us.

The longer you wait, the fewer options you may have to save your home or avoid foreclosure.

If you need assistance with completing the Financial Information Package, please contact us at 401-457-1130.

RIHousing’s HelpCenter is a HUD-approved counseling agency that specializes in foreclosure prevention. Counseling services are FREE and confidential. Counselors will assess your current situation and provide advice and guidance to help you:


  • Work with your mortgage company to apply for a mortgage modification
  • Review your budget
  • Explore your options to avoid losing your home


RIHousing HelpCenter provides counseling services to all Rhode Island Homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments. Mortgage Counselors work with homeowners and their lender to review and identify available options to avoid foreclosure. Options may include loan modifications, work-out agreements, repayment plans and/or referral to RI Legal Services.



What Happens During a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Session?
  • Your counselor will review your current income, living expenses, savings, and debts
  • Help you understand your options and possible solutions to your financial challenges
  • Assess your options for avoiding foreclosure, which could include a loan modification or another borrower assistance program
Prepare for Your Counseling Session

Being prepared will help your counselor better understand your financial position so they can assess possible options available for you. When you meet with your counselor, please have the following documents available:

  • Most recent pay stubs and most recent tax return
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Your monthly mortgage statement

One of our housing counselors will work with you and your lender to identify available options.


RIHousing provides mediation services pursuant to RI General Laws §34-27-3.2 and 230-RICR-40-10-4. The Mortgage Foreclosure and Sale Act gives homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage the right to a mediation conference with their mortgage lenders to facilitate a resolution to avoid foreclosure. This service is free of charge to homeowners.


Mediation Coordinator

Information for Mediation Servicers

Recent Updates to the Mediation Process


Recently, the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation has made changes to the forms section pursuant to RI General Law 34-27. The forms have been updated and included as part of Banking Bulletin 2018-3. Click here to access the forms, which coincide with regulation 230-RICR-40-10-4 – Mortgage Foreclosure Disclosure.


Please begin using these updated forms immediately. Beginning on June 1, 2019, RIHousing will no longer accept outdated Notice of Mediation forms. NOTE: Outdated notices received by the Mediation Coordinator will be returned unprocessed.


Please note that RIHousing’s current policy does not allow for processing Notices of Mediation older than 30 days from the date mailed to the homeowner(s). If the notices are not sent to the borrower within the timeframe outlined in the Act, penalties may apply.


Foreclosure Mediation Fee Schedule for Servicers 


Service Fees


Initial Outreach $100
Mediation Conference $400
Review of Agreement Outside of Mediation $150
Duplicate Certificate Request $25


Where to Mail Mediation Notices


Please send copies of your Mediation notices along with the initial $100 fee to:


44 Washington Street
Providence RI 02903
Attention: Mediation Department




Hardest Hit Fund Rhode Island (HHFRI)

Hardest Hit Fund Rhode Island (HHFRI) is a U.S. Treasury-funded effort to assist Rhode Island homeowners hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. RIHousing was chosen to help administer the HHFRI program, which is designed to complement existing federal and lender programs.
The Hardest Hit Fund RI is no longer accepting applications. If you are an existing customer, contact us at 401-277-1500.

Tax Lien Assistance (Madeline Walker Act)

The Madeline Walker Act is a state law designed to help homeowners who have fallen behind on their taxes or other liens to avoid the loss of their home at tax sale. Under the Act, RIHousing has the right to purchase delinquent liens on 1-3 unit owner-occupied properties before they go to tax sale. While private lien purchasers must hold liens for only one year before initiating foreclosure, RIHousing must hold liens for a minimum of five years. During this time, RIHousing offers a range of support for homeowners, including enrolling them in a payment plan, connecting them to foreclosure mediation counseling, and directing them towards other community resources.

The Madeline Walker Act has allowed thousands of vulnerable homeowners to avoid foreclosure.


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