BRANCH BLACKSTONE Pawtucket/Central Falls

Developed by PCF Development, Branch Blackstone is a 46-unit project has breathed new life into Pawtucket’s Branch Street neighborhood with the creation of 29 new apartments and the preservation of 17 existing homes. The units, housed with 4 newly constructed buildings and 5 preserved buildings, are intended for residents up to 60% AMI. Branch Blackstone is part of a larger development project known as the Chocolate Mill Gateway Project, which aims to expand public access to rivers and parks, bridge and intersection improvements and the extension of the Blackstone Valley Bikeway. Through a partnership with the Boys & Girls club, after school and summer programming will be available to school age residents for only $40 per year. Funding for this development came from several sources including RIHousing and Pawtucket HOME funding, 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCS), and permanent construction financing from RIHousing.

Photos: Gretchen Ertl Photography