Board of Commissioners

RIHousing is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. RIHousing’s Board provides overall policy direction in governing business activities, as well as providing oversight, strong fiscal management and setting long-term goals for meeting Rhode Island’s housing needs. The Board’s commitment of time and energy contributes to an improved quality of life for thousands of Rhode Islanders.

Stefan Pryor Headshot

Stefan Pryor

Secretary of Housing, R.I. Department of Housing

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Jonathan Womer

Director, Department of Administration (ex officio)

Elizabeth Dwyer Headshot

Elizabeth Dwyer

Director, Department of Business Regulation (ex officio)

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James A. Diossa

General Treasurer, State of Rhode Island (ex officio)

Headshot of Stephen McAllister

Stephen McAllister

Vice President, Eastern Region US Chamber of Commerce

Headshot of Kevin Orth

Kevin Orth

Manager, Atlantic American Partners

Headshot of Maria Barry

Maria Barry

Community Development Banking National Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

RIHousing Leadership Team

Carol Ventura Headshot
Executive Director

Carol Ventura

Carol Ventura was named Executive Director of RIHousing in September 2019. She has 30 years of experience in expanding access to housing, building livable communities and leading economic development efforts.

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Carol led the finance group to successfully initiate and complete more than $284M in multi and single-family bonding with social and sustainable designations for the agency and led the agency 5-year strategic plan process, resulting in the creation of innovative programs targeted at controlling costs, increasing production and access, and improving agency and program performance.

Carol is a part of the LISC LAC Board, Commissioner for the Housing Resources Commission (HRC) and she serves on the NCSHA Homeownership Task Force, as well as a Trustee on the Providence Foundation Board. Carol received a Master of Business Administration from Bryant University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Bryant College.

James Comer Headshot
Deputy Executive Director

James Comer

Christine Hunsinger Headshot
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Christine Hunsinger

Kara Lachapelle Headshot
Chief Financial Officer

Kara Lachapelle

Christine Hunsinger Headshot
Chief Administrative Officer

Brett Pelletier

Kara Lachapelle Headshot
General Counsel

Corinne Myers

Peter Pagonis Headshot
Assistant Deputy Director
of Loan Servicing

Leslie McKnight

Peter Pagonis Headshot
Director of Homeownership

Peter Pagonis

Anne Berman Headshot
Director of Real
Estate Development

Anne Berman

Mike DiChiaro Headshot
Director of Leased Housing
& Rental Services

Michael DiChiaro

Amy Rainone Headshot
Director of Gov. Relations & Policy

Amy Rainone

Mike DiChiaro Headshot
Director of Information Technology

Carl “CJ” Rotella

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Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Elizabeth Bioteau

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Director of Human Resources

Whitley Werts


As a leading employer in our state, RIHousing offers competitive compensation and  benefits package designed to support the health, wellness and financial security of our employees and their families.