A tight inventory of available homes, high rental costs and student loan debt can prove challenging for many prospective homebuyers. We know the challenges and opportunities that buyers face, and we tailor our programs to reflect market conditions and homebuyer demographics.

which could generate an estimated $744,000 in federal income tax savings in the first year alone.


homebuyers provided with Extra Assistance


Recognizing that the down payment is often the biggest hurdle to buying a home, extra assistance loans cover down payment and/or closing costs

Provided special Down Payment Assistance to Homebuyers


provided to




First Down: 217 ($1.6M)
Spring7500: 621 ($4.7M)



in purchase-rehab (203k) loans to 51 first-time homebuyers

Rhode Island has the 4th oldest housing stock in the nation. 203k loans help buyers when the home of their dreams is a fixer-upper.


provided homebuyer education


Rhode Islanders

participated in Homebuyer Education

Classes are offered in both English and Spanish.

in-person: 1,547
online: 1,933

Provided Continuing Education classes for 113 licensed realtors in partnership with the Rhode Island Association of Realtors (RIAR).

Launched in 2018, this partnership with RIAR ensures that realtors working in Rhode Island are informed about our first-time homebuyer offerings and LeadSafe Homes program.

2019 RIHousing Annual Report

We’ll Get You Home.