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Rental Assistance

RIHousing provides access to homes for rent as well as rental assistance. The two main rental assistance programs are the Housing Choice Voucher Program and Section 8 Subsidized Apartment Rental Assistance. In-depth information on each program is below.

Housing Choice Voucher Program
The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is the federal government’s major program for helping eligible families, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities afford safe, healthy homes in their community.

The program provides the opportunity for eligible participants to:
• choose their own home, including single-family homes, townhouses and apartments, in the community where they want to live
• use the vouchers to help pay the rent, virtually anywhere a landlord will accept them

This means you have the flexibility to choose any home that meets your family needs. It can even be your present residence.

For a home or apartment to be eligible:
• the owner must agree to participate in the voucher program and
• the home must meet minimum safety requirements

The landlord receives a housing subsidy directly from the Public Housing Authority (PHA) in the respective community on behalf of the participating individual or family. The family then pays the difference between the rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by the program. Under certain circumstances, if authorized by the PHA, a family may use its voucher to purchase a modest home.

Housing Choice Vouchers are administered locally by the PHA in each community. However, RIHousing serves as the PHA in many communities, including those cities and towns that do not have their own.

For questions regarding voucher portability between cities/towns, please contact Crissy Gonzalez via email at portability@rihousing.com.

Do I qualify?  

How do I apply?   

Family Self-Sufficiency Program
The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program provides job training, education and other services to help participants in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program to gain skills and experience necessary to obtain jobs and achieve financial independence. 

Graduates receive cash bonuses that can add up to thousands of dollars. Graduates may also be eligible for our FirstHomes loan program to purchase their own home. For information about FSS, contact us at 401-450-1318 or fss@rihousing.com.  

Section 8 Subsidized Apartments
The Section 8 Subsidized Apartment Rental Assistance is a federal program that helps income-eligible individuals, families, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities to pay just 30 percent of their income towards their rent so they can afford safe, healthy homes. For example, if you earn $1,000 a month, you would pay just $300 toward the monthly rent. 

Do I qualify?  

RIHousing manages 20,000 subsidized apartments. About 15,000 of these apartments are eligible for rental assistance from Section 8 funding. These developments manage their own waiting lists. Please contact the management office(s) of the development(s) in which you wish to reside to apply to be placed on the waiting list or to obtain more information.

If you would like to view homes to rent or buy that receive government funding and meet state and federal affordability criteria, visit HousingSearchRI.org.

For more information on RIHousing's Section 8 Subsidized Apartment Rental Assistance, contact us at 401-429-1483.

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