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For more than 40 years, RIHousing has been dedicated to ensuring that all people who live and work in Rhode Island can afford a safe, healthy home, and afford to keep it. In partnering with cities and towns throughout the state’s urban, suburban and rural areas, we have worked together to help Rhode Island families become active, successful, contributing members of their communities.

2016 HousingWorks Housing Needs Report

This report, the first of its kind in our state, covers Rhode Island's current and future housing needs. It examines the population and demographic trends to project how the State's population will change over the next ten years, and how our housing stock will need to change and grow in response.

Statement of Fair Housing Policy

To assure consistency across all programs and initiatives, the Office of Housing and Community Development and RIHousing developed the attached Statement of Fair Housing Policy. This policy must be followed when financial assistance is provided by the State of Rhode Island or RIHousing, as well as for homes to be considered affordable under the terms of the Rhode Island Low and Moderate Income Housing Act RIGL 45-53.

The picture of affordable housing has changed dramatically over the past decade. A successful development now incorporates comfortable, attractive homes with easy access to green space, retail, services and transportation... a mix that promotes successful neighborhood revitalization and a sense of community.

Now, as you work to develop and implement strategies to create more homes that Rhode Islanders can afford and to meet the needs of residents in your community, RIHousing can help. We not only have the knowledge and resources to support your plans but we are also committed to developing creative strategies to meet your specific needs.

RIHousing provides a wide array of safe, consumer-friendly products and services for residents in your community. We provide low-interest loans, grants, education, advocacy and consumer counseling to help Rhode Islanders rent, buy and retain their homes. We also offer special programs to ensure that these homes are safe and healthy. From our rental assistance and safe, affordable mortgages, to our partnerships with developers, RIHousing is the state’s leading resource for housing needs.

At RIHousing, our belief is that a home encompasses much more than four walls and a roof. A good home provides the foundation upon which families can thrive, children can learn and grow, and communities can prosper.

This website is designed to help you easily find all the information you need to help residents and constituents connect with services and programs to help them find a safe and healthy home to rent or buy that they can afford to keep as long as they want.

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To help you understand the complex and ever-changing issue of housing, we have compiled the latest housing data, research and reports in Rhode Island for your convenience.
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