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Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQs)

As a public corporation of the state, RIHousing is subject to state law regarding the purchase of goods and services. Our goal is to undertake an open and fair process, conducted in good faith, which results in good value to RIHousing and our customers.

In most cases, RIHousing uses a Request for Proposals (RFPs) / Request for Qualifications (RFQs) process which sets out the criteria for the goods or services needed, the information that must be provided by bidders and the evaluation criteria that will be applied to the bids. Links to current RFPs and RFQs are set forth below. These RFPs and RFQs may also be accessed from the website maintained by the state Division of Purchases .

Current RFPs, RFIs and RFQs :

Request for Proposals: Document Imaging Services
    Proposals due by 4:00p.m. Friday, August 9, 2019

Zero Energy for the Ocean State (ZEOS) Demonstration Project
Request for Proposals: Construction Contractor / Development Team

 • Project Budget Proforma
 • Construction Trade Breakdown
    Proposals due by 5:00p.m. Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Request for Proposals: Barbara Jordan II
    NOTE - PROPOSAL DEADLINE EXTENDED: Proposals due by 5:00p.m. Friday, September 13, 2019

Request for Proposals and exhibit documents:
  1. Request for Proposals
  2. RIHousing Rental Production Model (click developer when the model opens)
  3. Exhibit A:
    1. Application (updated with fillable PDF on July 15, 2019)
    2. Real Estate Owned Worksheet
    3. Sources and Uses Matrix and Operating Proforma – Rental
    4. Sources and Uses Matrix and Operating Proforma – Homeownership
    5. Sources and Uses Matrix and Operating Proforma – Public Facilities and Commercial
  4. Exhibit C: Legal description of properties
  5. Exhibit D: Roster of properties with unit mix (updated July 15, 2019)
For questions & answers and financing and project timelines, please see www.rihousing.com/barbarajordan2.

Request for Proposals: Project-Based Voucher Program
    Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Application: Preservation Revitalization Deferred Loan Program
 • PRLP Application
 • PRLP Proforma
 • PRLP Guidelines
    Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Application: Preservation Loan Program Fund
 • 4% and PLPF Application Checklist
 • 4% and PLPF Application
 • PLPF Master Proforma
 • PLPF Term Sheet
    Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Request for Proposals: Owners/Developers of Rental Housing to Participate in HUD Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Program
 • Program Guidelines
    Proposals received on a rolling basis

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